Site Updates

Feb 19, 2024

More updates:

  • Added Relative tables to NHL Skaters Reports
  • Added Forward lines Reports
  • Added Defense Pair Reports
  • Added 5v4 PP Unit Reports
  • Added 4v5 PK Unit Reports
All can be accessed from the Skaters pull down in the menu bar at the top.

Feb 15, 2024

A few updates for today:

  • Goalie Reports have been added
  • Team Reports have been added
  • Hovering mouse over most table headers will popup a description of that column
Next week I hope to add reports for forward lines, defense pairs, and 5v4/4v5 PP/PK units. Then we can start getting into some more interesting stuff.

Feb 11, 2024

Several new NHL Skater reports have been added. To see them select NHL Skater Reports under the Skaters pulldown in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Included reports are Individual, Individual Per 60, On Ice, On Ice Per 60 and PDO. Everything should be fairly self explanatory for those familar with other similar websites.

The one exception is how I am dividing Assists into Assists Pass and Assists Shot. Consider the scenario where a player shoots the puck, the goalie makes the save, gives up a rebound and a second player collects the rebound, shoots and scores. Here the original shooter will get an assist on the goal but it is an assist as a result of a shot not a pass. I attempt to split a players assist into ones likely coming off a shot and ones likely coming off a pass or some other puck touch. I do this by classifying the assist is from a shot if the player took a shot within 3 seconds prior to the goal being scored. In all other instances I classify the assist as coming from a pass.

This is the first update in a series of many to come over the next few weeks.

Jan 22, 2024 2.0 has just released. My objective with this site is not to recreate my original Hockey Analysis and Puckalytics sites or to recreate what you might find on other stats sites but rather to provide new and fresh content that that will build on what already exists elsewhere.

The initial feature is NHL Edge Skater reports. These are table based reports using data from NHL Edge but are in table format allowing you to more easily compare players.

I am just getting started here and there will be more features added in the upcoming weaks and months. Stay tuned.